Monday, July 17, 2017

Stacker Style: Ways to Combat the Monday Blues

Ever since I cleared out my closet, I've been finding many oldies, but goodies, like this chambray shirt and matching stripe chevron stripe Soludos. I've been putting so many of my "new" clothes into rotation, that I'm getting lots of questions about my outfits. Sadly, most items are no longer available (these are like years old, guys, ha), but I'm doing my best to share similar items in the widgets at the end of my posts.

I actually wore this frock right before the Fourth, to get into the festive spirit. Ironic to wear a Canadian tuxedo in preparation to celebration the US's independence, but it is what it is, ha. But, because the Fourth is long gone, I decided to do a post on combating the much-hated Monday blues. Scroll below for some fun tips and treats!

Alright, so no one likes to start the week feeling blue. Here are my tips to make sure the blues only appear in your outfits:

Wake up early and give yourself time to "be." 
This one is a toughie for me. I almost always hit the snooze - more than a welcomed amount, actually. (Sorry, neighbors!) But, just because this one doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you, ha. Wake up early to give yourself enough time to do stuff for yourself and set your intentions for the day and week. Meditate, make some coffee, whip up some breakfast, and just sit and enjoy the quiet. If you can, wake up early and hit the gym. Do whatever it is you need to do to center yourself and say, "I'm ready for ya, Monday!"

Schedule something fun to look forward to for the end of day. 
Whether it's a happy hour at the end of work, date night, or a personal gym session that you can wait to make, setting up something for the end of Monday, helps you get through the day that much faster. Personally, I like to start my week with a workout, so every Monday, I'm at the gym. And, if my day doesn't go as planned, despite my best efforts, I know there will be a shake at the end of my workout to give me some extra smiles.

Dress up.
I know this one seems simple, but dressing up on a Monday totally makes me feel ready to take on the week. It sets the tone and when I look good, I feel good. If my outfit isn't as fab as I want it to be, I try to at least make sure my face is, ha. Being a beauty junkie means making sure that eyeliner wing is on point. And if it is, I'm a happy gal, too. Small wins!

If all else fails, pop the bubbly!
I love going to dinner and having a glass of wine. I usually start with brut rose and love it for all occasions. Most people save the bubbles for a special occasion, but I like to think that every occasion is special, so why not celebrate every day?

This post is not sponsored, but Chandon did kindly send me some bottles of bubble to celebrate the summer! 

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