Friday, March 23, 2018

Food Friday: Traveling Spoon

I'm big on gatherings around the table. I love to break bread, meet new people over a bite, and discover new-to-me cultures or cuisines. It's honestly one of my favorite things to do. So, whenever there's an opportunity to do just that, that's what I do. Just a few weeks ago, I was recently introduced to Traveling Spoon. I had never heard about it before, but as soon as I learned more about it, I wondered how I hadn't already known about it. If it happens to be new-to-you, too, then here's the 30-second elevator pitch: Traveling Spoon allows you to book a private meal or cooking class with home cooks around the world. Pretty cool, huh? So, let's say you are traveling to Thailand and want to experience true, home-cooked Thai food. Well, you can head to Traveling Spoon, search for the city you are traveling to, and easily book a meal, cooking class or market visit. This time around, I had the pleasure of experiencing true, home-cooked Thai food at a pop-up in SF. It was such a fun night - not only did I learn more about how to cook Thai food (and, of course, enjoy it!), but I also met some rad tablemates. After the jump, see more photos from our feast, prepared by the sweetest visiting host, Pia (pictured with me above!), and learn more about Traveling Spoon.

Photos a combo of me and thanks to Traveling Spoon

Traveling Spoon was started in 2013 by UC Berkely Haas School of Business graduates Aashi Vei (pictured above) and Steph Lawrence. The pair met while at business school and shared a dream of "helping people connect with authentic foods experiences while traveling." I was invited to experience the service at a special pop-up with Thai chef extraordinaire, Pia. Let me just tell you that Pia is both a talented cook and hilarious cooking instructor. During the pop-up experience, we were welcomed with traditional Thai Iced Tea and experienced three dishes: Som Tum (Isaan Papaya Salad), Gaprao Gai (Stir-fried Thai Pork with Holy Basil), and Panang Curry with Chicken. For dessert with enjoyed Sticky Rice with Sesame Peanut-Banana and Sweet Coconut Milk. Pia walked us through how to make both the Som Tum and Gaprao Gai. She made it fun and easy to learn how to make both. I was surprised with how simple each dish was to make! It goes without saying that everything was delicious, but for me, what was most enjoyable was how authentic the meal was. I truly felt as though I was at a pal's house getting a home-cooked meal from their mom. 

If you're making plans to travel out of the country soon, I highly recommend checking out Traveling Spoon. You can learn how to cook like the locals, go to the market to learn what to buy with your host, or just sit and enjoy a warm meal around the table with new friends. 

Special thanks to Traveling Spoon for having me! 

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