Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Beauty Bites: Whole Foods Market's Beauty Week

Earlier this month, I attended the most incredibly produced brunch by the Whole Foods team. You already know that I am a Whole Foods fanatic. I love their fresh quality food and their warm service. But, did you know that Whole Foods carries some of the best clean beauty items around town? They've got everything from skin care (think face and body), hair care, and makeup! And, better yet, their Beauty Week starts now! As in today through March 27th. During this time, you can score 25% off skin, hair, and cosmetic products. After the jump, dive deeper into which products I'm currently trying and love, and feast your eyes on the amazing set up that I was fortunate enough to experience at the Fioli Gardens.

Photos thanks to Kai Sotto Photography

The older I get, the more conscious I am about my purchases - whether that's food, fashion, or beauty. I've already transitioned most of my clothing to quality pieces meant to last more than a season, and thanks to many of the upcoming planet and skincare/beauty lines that I've been introduced to, I am slowly, but surely taking a closer look at what goes on my body. My haircare products (aside from one!) are all clean, sustainable, and nontoxic. My skincare -- especially what goes on my face -- is more than halfway there. And now, I'm getting better educated on my makeup and am happy to report that I'm making moves to choose more conscious cosmetic lines. Of course, there will always be cult favorites that are not 100% clean so it may be a while longer until I can claim that my makeup is all clean. That being said, #CleanBeauty oftentimes can be more expensive. But, same can be said about high-quality food and clothing - you get what you pay for, people! I, myself, am not rolling in the dough. I am very lucky to explore and play with many of these products and offerings thanks to my blog. That being said, I know a good deal when I see one, and 25% clean beauty is one I'm jumping on.

From now until the 27th, you can stop by your local Whole Foods and grab a bunch of great goodies for 25% off! 

If you're new to clean beauty and are looking for a few to test out, here are some of few of my current favorites. (For those who can't make it to Whole Foods, I've linked a few items you can order online):

Special thanks to the Whole Foods team for having me and introducing me to some seriously amazing new #CleanBeauty goodies! 

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