Sunday, October 25, 2020

Return To Sender


So many feels after making it to the last day of @mccalmanco’s "Tell Me Three Things That I Can Do/Return to Sender.”

First, what a treat to meet George and see his work IRL.

“Tell Me Three Things” centers around the triggering phrases @mccalmanco received from white acquaintances following the murder of George Floyd. (& that’s really just the tip of it.)

It’s a beautiful expression of emotions & an artistic summation of the overwhelming feelings many of us have held & processed inside. there was something especially healing about his body of work — realizing the power of returning things to sender & releasing the burden of someone else’s words on you. just “simply” giving them back to whom they belong to.

“This is the stuff that is under our skin, this is the stuff that warps us as a Black community because we are just storing all of this stuff, all this toxicity. And it affects our physical health, it affects our emotional state, it affects our bodies. And the people who’ve given it to us don’t even know they have given it to us.” (via @representcollaborative)

And then, consider his gift to us — offering a space to think, feel, talk about, & reflect on race. the world needs more of this — shared experiences that knock open doors of thought, channel self-reflection, and invite dialog among us. thank you, George, for the reminder that telling our stories is one of the most important things we can do.

If you didn’t get to see this IRL:
📰 Read @representcollaborative’s piece by @erinfeher, here
💭 Marinate on george’s words
💬 And then LMK, how do these pieces make you feel?


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