Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MANGO + Marie Claire Event

Sweater: Basic; Top: Urban Outfitters; Skirt: Agaci; Knee high socks: Cotton On; Knee High Boots: Chinese Laundry; Bag: Forever 21; Photos by: DJ Lan and Chandamheer*

A few weeks ago, I decided to request some time off work, so I could indulge in a little getaway back down to Los Angeles. I remember being extremely anxious on Thursday, while at work, as I counted down the hours, minutes, and seconds until I would be driving down to my former city. Finally, the day came, and at 5:00 AM sharp, I got into my Honda, swung by my friend's house, and off we went, driving as the sun rose and the sky went from dark to light. Now, I normally don't leave quite that early when I drive back and forth from NorCal to SoCal or vice versa, however, one major reason I decided to return to LA was because I needed to pick up my diploma on campus before the office closed in the early afternoon. I know what you're thinking -- don't they just send those to you? Yeah, well, I was pretty adamant about NOT paying the stupid $10 fee to get a piece of cardstock sent to me via the postal service. One, because I feel like the least they could do is send us alumni our own hard-earned diplomas FO' FREE, considering we, oh, I don't know, paid thousands and thousands of dollars in astronomical fees for four years, and two, don't OTHER schools send their diplomas out for free? Ah, but I digress. Long story short, my excuses to go to LA were (in no particular order) 1. to pick up my diploma 2. rekindle my Bruin love and terrorize the streets of Westwood with my college buddies and 3. get away for just long enough to come back to San Francisco feeling refreshed. So, you can imagine just how serendipitous it was when I discovered that one of my favorite bloggers, Natalie of Natalie Off Duty was hosting an event for Mango + Marie Claire in Santa Monica. I was thrilled at the thought of finally being able to meet some of the most talented and beautifully stylish Los Angeles fashion bloggers.

Barry the Bartender kept the champagne flowing all night long. *
Trying on some Mango items! What do you think of this look?
DJ snapped this photo of the stylish Mckenzie of The Fitting and Julie of Sincerely Jules. So sad I didn't get to personally meet you two, BUT I'm like 99% sure that I went to college with Mckenzie. Girl, were we not in FAST together?!
Natalie graced us with her lovely voice and  performed a few songs for us. *
Two of the sweetest gals ever -- Rebecca of Style with Benefits and Melanie of Wrecked Stellar
It was so nice to chat with Dylana of Color Me Nana! We discovered that not only did we both graduate from UCLA, but we were practically in the same major. We definitely need to discuss our favorite English professor(s) + classes + books soon!
I had to stop Shea (Left) of Cheyenne Meets Chanel and her friend, because they were just too cute! *
I seem to keep finding myself at Marie Claire events! *
Another shot of the gorgeous Natalie. Thank you for hosting such a fun event! *

Attending this event was such a great start to my LA getaway weekend! It's always awesome to meet other people who have such common interests and are just as passionate about blogging as you are. I definitely hope to meet with more blogger buddies in the future! Stay tuned for more on my trip to LA!
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