Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello, Mystery, Don't Bother To Explain.

Poncho & rings: Forever 21; Shorts: Random boutique in LA; Watch, braided bracelet, & tank top: Nordstrom (little kiddie's dept!); Necklaces:  Street Vendor & c/o My Name Necklace; Shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany Heels

Miike Snow - Black and Blue

What does one wear when the thermostat reaches close to 90 degrees? As little and as loose-fitting clothing as possible (without appearing nearly naked of course!). My closet is bursting with clothes that are meant to be worn for a day out in the sun. All of my LA clothing (think shorts sans tights, dresses galore, and tanks & tees up the wazoo) has been hidden away, patiently waiting to be picked out of a sea of cold weather items. Well, the day has finally come! While yesterday was the first official day of summer, us Bay Area folks have been frying like eggs on a pan for at least the last couple of days. Personally, I say fry away! I have been waiting for this type of weather for months, and I just love the feeling of Vitamin-D as it soaks through my skin. I spotted this over-sized poncho top at Forever a couple weeks ago, right as I was leaving the store. I felt victorious that I was about to leave the store without a yellow bag in my hand, but true to Forever-21 nature, the store quickly reeled me back in when I saw the solo top just hanging around. Why is it so hard to leave that place without something in your hand?? I swear, man. As it turns out, the purchase was a smart one, because now I have a loose fitting top (with pockets!) that I can wear on a casual day out or by the pool. It just so happens the top goes perfectly with a pair of shorts I purchased back in LA. Talk about a match made in heaven.
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