Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein 

Jennifer Humphrey by Andrew Kuykendall for Spanish Moss, June 2011

By now, most, if not all of you, have seen Spanish Moss's new lookbook, which features the beautiful, Jennifer Humphrey. But, for the few of you who haven't, you are in for a treat. These photos blew me away. The styling, the clothes, the setting, the photography, the modeling -- all of it is on point. Be sure to see the rest on Spanish Moss's blog, here.

Now, on to the wisdom. First off, could Einstein be any smarter? I guess it's not too surprising that such a kernel of inspiration would come from the genius himself, right? But, really, let's take a moment to discuss. One of the most important things that has proven itself true for me time and time again, is that everything happens for a reason. While we might not see the reason right away, we shouldn't doubt, even more a minute, that the reason is there. I have always believed that difficulties are only difficult if we fail to see the possibilities in them. When something doesn't go entirely as planned, or everything around seems daunting, it's best not to think that the world is out to get you (no matter how much it may feel like it is). I promise you that life is just helping you form some thicker skin and preparing you for something even better. We face adversity so that we may overcome it. After all, isn't a victory that much sweeter when you know you fought your hardest to win the battle? Today's wisdom is something that I take very close to heart. This last month has been somewhat of a challenge. While I'm not entirely able to spill too much, just yet, I found that those challenges have helped me realize just how much opportunity there is waiting for me. The way I see it, you either sit and stare at the door that has closed in front of you and wonder wonder why it closed or what you could have done to stop it from closing, for so long you miss out on opportunity as it knocks on another door, OR, you leave the door to the past closed and get ready to open a new one to future success. I don't know about you, but when opportunity comes a-knocking, I generally like to open the door, and say, "Hello!"


  1. Third image down . . .that skirt . . . .is there a name for tht type of skirt? I live in Australia, north Queensland, and you don't see skirts like that up here. It looks like a skirt they would wear int he fifties, but more colourful, and the whole outfit is TO DIE FOR. I want that skirt!!! :O

  2. Oh, I want that bright colored maxi skirt! Great pics!

  3. Love the styling!

  4. I love these pictures! And the lace top + shorts in the last two pictures are amazing!


  5. I am in complete lust over everything in this lookbook. SM is killing it here.

    strawberry freckleface

  6. What a wonderful post! I love it ♥
    Shall we follow each other? Let me know. I'd glad.
    Visit my blog -

    Love, xx

  7. These photos are so inspiring!!

    Yes, when an opportunity comes knocking, I, too like to say hello! :)

    Great post love.


  8. easier said than done Albert E! Nice sentiment though. sweet looks doll- you always have the best inspiration! Happy hump-day :)
    xo Carlina

  9. Love the photos. From model to setting to clothes just stunning!
    Great post!

  10. These photos are simply amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  11. great pics !!

  12. Love the picture of her in frone of the car especially! What a gorgeous skirt and love what it's paired with.

  13. This is a fantastic lookbook. You're right about the styling its amazing, and she's gorgeous!
    Have a great day!

  14. Simply stunning photos! :) The last three are my favorites, she is gorgeous! And you're totally right, the styling and the setting definetly made the photos even more amazing, especially with the little touches!

  15. she is so lovely! gorgeous eyes and love all the styling

  16. that skirt is GORGEOUS! i love that photo!

  17. Gorgeous gorgeous images!! Love the full skirts! (And I admit, haven't been in touch w/ blogging in ages; so I just wna say I love yr header!)

    Btw, I agree with what you've said... I absolutely believe that; everything happens for a reason; you might not know why or what; but down the road; you'd understand; and more often that not; you often become a better and stronger person b/c of that. Hope everything's fine with you though! Take care!


    PS/ Thanks for commenting on my blog even though it's been dead for ages!

  18. wow! i had not seen them. they are blowing me away too. as scrolled through they got better and better...

  19. great post, very thought-provoking, thanks for that!
    and yay for repping the 415, well done.


  20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the all lace outfit!!

  21. You're words were exactly what I needed today... beautifully put. ah, thank you thank you thank you.

    Cheers from (rainy) Amsterdam,
    J @ Glocal Girl

  22. Amazing pictures !!!


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