Monday, September 12, 2011

Gap + InStyle SF Event

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Gap and InStyle's celebration event for the new Fall Premium Pants Collection featuring Anh of 
9 to 5 Chic and Jennie of Jennie Going West. It was a great event filled with delicious hors d'oeuvres, refreshing drinks, stylish clothes, and fun friends. I attended with Cindy and Ashley, which made the day even more enjoyable. Everyone enjoyed 35% each item, which was perfect, since I desperately needed some staples for work. I left with a new pair of soft-rose colored pants, a crisp blazer, and the softest sweater known to man (pictures of these items coming up in upcoming outfit posts).

The yummiest chicken, bacon, and tomato sandwiches - definitely went back a few times for these!
The beautiful Anh of 9 to 5 Chic!
The SOFTEST sweater ever. Bought this beauty in a more neutral color. Can't wait to show you!
The heaviest September Issue ever, haha.
Refreshing drinks for serious shoppers!
Side note - I do have to tell you about a funny story from that day. So, as I was checking out, I got a cashier who apparently didn't know how to ring ... anything. He incorrectly charged me for all my items, and when he went to void the transaction, he couldn't find it! 20 minutes and THREE different managers later, my transaction still wasn't able to be voided or refunded back to my card. Finally, they were able to somehow "fix" my transaction, but the whole situation made me extremely nervous for my credit card. After my unfortunate check-out experience, Cindy, Ashley and I decided to grab some lunch with our bags full of goodies and the heaviest September Issue ever made. After 10 minutes of walking in the scorching heat,  it happened - my shopping bag broke! Talk about embarrassing! A series of unfortunate events. Ah, it happens. Was it a sign from some outside force that I shouldn't have spent all that money on some new fall clothing? Let's hope not because I am madly in love with my new work clothes.

In other news, my lion's mane is getting ridiculously long. I'm in desperate need for a new hairdo. Seriously. At lunch, my hair got caught in the zipper of my bag not once, but twice. TWICE. How that even happens is beyond me, but hey...things happen. Anyone have any suggestions?? And by suggestions I mean, for a new hair style, ha! Chop it off? Leave it long? Who knows. But I am open to your thoughts!
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