Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ring My Bell

Some of you might have already noticed my obsession with unusual rings. What you might not have been able to tell, however, is that I have abnormally slender fingers. People have often cringed after finding out that my perfect-piano-playing, long fingers have gone to waste. I, on the other hand, cringe when I find a glorious ring that isn't in my size. After a recent trip to a thrift shop, I nearly died when I saw a whole glass case of uniquely crafted rings. But, to my dismay, I left with nothing new when all the rings slipped off my size six fingers. If anyone knows a solution to my problem (that doesn't involve sizing down a ring), please share!

The beautiful green ring from above almost fit, but almost doesn't count. Maybe I will come back and purchase it anyways after I figure out a solution to my ring finger problem. The ring below is my own and was purchased from Forever 21. If you have the same problem as I do, choose a simple design which will allow you to get away with wearing a ring on your thumb. Alternatively, if you love a ring so much and can't bear to let it go even after it doesn't fit, you can pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear it as a necklace. 

Thumb ring: Forever 21; Photos by: Rahel


  1. Awww...I know how you feel, I have the same issue.....the only thing I can think of is the re-sizing....

  2. Having abnormally slender fingers is so much better than having pudgy finger! Trust me, I know. ;)
    Fab photos! Xx

  3. what thrift shop was this?!

  4. this is so lovely!
    love the carrie reference ;]

  5. Hahaha! I agree with CC. You could but those re-adjustable rings. I was in heaven when I walked into a shop in Amsterdam, and all the rings were re-adjustable!

  6. great rings!
    hope to see u in my blog :)
    DaisyLine from

  7. @Anonymous - I can't remember the exact name of the thrift shop, but it's right in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax! :)

  8. I love rings as well!Can't get enough...I am now following your blog.


  9. Oh my god. If I saw a such a gigantic case full of pretty sparkly rings I would probably soil myself in happiness!! Bummer that you didn't find anything that fit you!

  10. I have the same problem, and I have a solution! 3M Transpore Medical tape. I put one or two strips of it around my finger and then the rings fit! U can barely tell its there! I use it instead of band aids everywhere, they are much more subtle! Let me know how it goes! XOXO


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