Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Hello my lovelies! I am still currently traveling around the US, and my internet usage has been quite limited, but I am trying to keep up with my regular MWF posting schedule as best I can. Regardless, I have a plethora of amazing photos to share with you from all the places I've been, so I promise that each post will be worth the wait. As I pack up to leave for my next location, I'm trying to get in all the blogging time I can. Now, without further ado, here are the long awaited photo highlights from my short stay in Portland, Oregon! (As a warning, like most of my posts, this is heavy on the food porn, so empty stomachs beware!)

I began my Portland journey with a trip to Bunk Sandwiches, for lunch. Even though I got lost for an hour while trying to find the place, Bunk was worth the extra mile.

At first, I was afraid that this Chicken Salad, Applewood Bacon & Avocado Sandwich that I ordered was on the small side. I should have known better than to judge it by its size, because it was jam-packed with big flavors.
In case you find yourself in Portland, stop by!
After wandering through some of the cleanest streets you'll ever find, I found myself gravitating towards a farmer's market. I had no idea that PURPLE peppers existed..did you? At $1.00 each, these prices can't be beat!
With colors this vivid, I couldn't help but snap another picture of peppers.
Made a stop to Powell's Independent Bookstore (aka an English major's heaven).
Ironically enough, I walked out with an eco-friendly tote bag, instead of a book. Go figure...
And finally, the moment you've all been waiting stop to Voodoo Doughnut!

With a line out the door, the wait for Voodoo Doughnut was about thirty minutes. I got all four of the donuts below for a mere $5.00! While I did enjoy the creativity of the place and the donuts themselves, I have to admit that they were honestly too sugary for my taste (my pink box literally oozed out a sugary scent that made me feel like I developed diabetes just from the smell!). Having said that, I was only able to eat the Original Raised Chocolate in its entirety. Overall, the voodoo experience was worth it, and I'd definitely go back to try more flavors if given the opportunity.

A look inside my pink box: Old dirty bastard, Mango Tango, Original Raised Chocolate, and the Arnold Palmer (as seen from top left to bottom right). Check out their menu for a description of the donuts I picked out.
A close up of ODB.
One of Alex's donuts, Dubble Bubble

Another look at one of Alex's donuts, Marshall Matters. The donut was too good to put down, thus its incomplete image.

Photos by: Chandamheer

As some of you might know, one of the best parts of being in the state of Oregon, is that they don't have sales tax! I love getting more bang for my buck, as I'm sure most do, so when I remembered this tidbit, I went wild. The food, the clothes, the shoes, the EVERYTHING is much more appealing when you know that you'll be paying a lot less. Not only did I purchase some great new clothes, which you'll get a peek at a bit later, but the food I got tasted that much better. To be fair though, the food was amazing all on it's on.

pancakeSTACKER is still on the go, so come back later to see where I go next, what I wear next, and more importantly, what I eat next! 


  1. Oh man, I should've listened to your warning about not looking at this post on an empty stomach. Those donuts = HEAVEN. But my favorite photo definitely has to be the one of the red peppers. Beautiful color!

  2. HI nice to hear from you....fab pics..miss you!! Hope you are having fun!!

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  3. food porn, this makes my tummy burn bad. :D you sure made that trip worth it.

  4. oh god, i'm so hungry now! and dinner isn't served for another hour... damn you! :p

  5. Oh my!!! Your making my mouth water. They looks so delicious.


  6. Portland looks like such a cozy place! That sandwich looks like a pocket of flavours indeed! Looking at it has me craving bacon.

    I think it's fantastic that you get to do a little road trip across the US. I would love to do that in the near future! What's your next stop?!
    Have fun and stay safe!

  7. Wow those doughnuts look ridiculous. Not sure I could finish one, with all the sugar (but I sure would try).

    I would definitely put back one of those bacon burgers though....they look YUM!

  8. I think it should be illegal to post these online ! lol


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  9. OMG! I love your blog!! i Follow you for sure...these doughnats look soooo good!!
    Check my blog if you want

  10. That sandwich looks so delicious!! :)SarahD

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  12. mmmm I love me a GOOD sandwich and that avocado, bacon wonder looks amazing. I'd totally get lost for an hour for it as well :P

  13. I would love to have those donuts here in Italy!!.......oh they look delicious !

  14. Amazing pictures! great post - I love the style that You show world!

  15. This is by far some of the best food porn I have seen in ages! Hurrah!

  16. i had no idea that purple peppers existed either! now i wanna try one!

  17. Your food images are soooooooooooo wonderfully dangerous! Time to go and get me a snack.

  18. That looks so delicious, omg!


  19. yum!! i just did a food post too and now i really need breakfast lol!

    hope you're having an AMAZING time!


  20. goodies agalore! it's too bad i'm too much of a calorie patrol, but otherwise i would so eat these!

    xx raez

  21. wow, that m&m donut is insane, like sugar coma! haha, how do you keep such an enviable figure eating like this?? also, im planning on moving to sf reeeally soon, i that where you live?

  22. Yum, yum, yum! I miss these kinds of delicious American treats living in Paris. Btw, great blog you have here. Definitely going to start following you :) Paris in Pink

  23. everything looks amazing!!!
    YUMM!! ; - )


  24. Gorgeous photos! I've never been to Seattle but you've sold it to me!
    Lovely blog - I'm your newest follower!

  25. They look so good! ughhh, I would feel myself getting fat just eatting half!! lovely xx


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