Friday, September 3, 2010

The Secret's Out

It's the moment I've been promising all of you this whole week! Drumroll, please (insert beating of drums here)...I now introduce to you my secret guest blogger!

Boys to Men: Five Essential Items Every Guy Needs
Alex Nguyen

Post-graduate life can be taxing on us all. In the midst of our quarter-life crises, little attention is paid to one critical aspect: dressing like an adult. While most girls cultivate this skill throughout their college years, the appearance of the average college male devolves into that of a man-child only capable of fluorescent board shorts and plastic flip-flops.

This is where you and I step in. With a little bit of help, that guy in your life can be a respectable member of society, too. Whether he’s a friend, boyfriend, or brother, we all know someone who could use a little bit of help. At some point in his life, he’s going to realize that cargo shorts and a baseball cap are not going to cut it for “going out.” If you don't intervene now, it will continue into his thirties (and we've all seen those guys).

Here are five things that your guy needs to be taken seriously as an adult. He’s not going to turn into Don Draper overnight, but every journey begins with a first step.

1. Military jacket
H&M $78
Hoodies are comfortable and versatile. Unfortunately, they also say, “I’m in college and I really don’t care.” Military influences in fashion reappear year after year so find a jacket with some interesting details on it. It should be lightweight and versatile enough to wear from day to night.

Urban Outfitters $168

Kenneth Cole Reaction $62.50

2. Cologne
I have never met a single respectable person that enjoys the smell of Axe. Ditch the drugstore spray and invest in a more refined scent. Yes, good cologne is expensive, but any woman or gay man will be able to tell the difference. A man will never and should never purchase his own cologne, so start him off right with a fresh, young scent.

John Varvatos Artisan $58

3. Tailored shorts

The Gap $36.50
Up until the ‘90s, men wore shorts above the knees. Then a funny thing happened in America: men’s shorts got longer and longer and eventually resembled high-water pants. If he is going to insist on wearing shorts, go with a more tailored and fitted pair that falls at or above the knees. Anything below the knees looks sloppy and juvenile. Don’t even think about cargo pockets.

Toscano (Nordstrom) $33.90

Timex $50
 4. Leather-strap Watch
A simple watch is a great way to add maturity and sophistication to a man’s appearance. Take a look next time you’re out in public. Men wearing watches appear more stable and professional because they evoke an old-school feeling. A leather strap with a circular, clutter-free face is classic, elegant, and versatile. Timex has great, affordable options.
Timex $50

5. Colors and Patterns
Your guy probably has one of two approaches to colors and patterns: (1) Avoid anything new and stick with what is safe, or (2) have complete disregard for matching altogether. Growing up doesn’t mean you have to conform to business standards and lose personal style. A man’s personality can come through in his color and pattern choices, but he has to know what he’s doing.

Rules about color for men:
1. Red and orange are best in small doses.
2. There are very few men in the world who can pull off yellow.
3. Pink and purple can be intimidating, but exude class and confidence when done right.
4. Break out of the monochromatic mold. You don’t have to wear a blue tie with a blue shirt!

Now, rules about shirt and tie pattern matching:
1. Line weight: One set of lines should be thin and the other noticeably thicker.
2. Orientation: Similar patterns oriented at different angles can create visual interest.
3. Mixing: Even with different patterns, the thickness of the lines must still be different.
4. Take risks: As long as the above rules apply, go crazy. Be bold, introduce unexpected colors, and let your personality shine through.

So there you have it: the top five items every male should have in his grown up closet. A big thank you to Alex for his informative input! If you liked this post, want to see more, or have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. If you would like to become a guest blogger, be sure to shoot me an email.  Have a happy Friday and a relaxing Labor Day weekend, but be sure to come back soon for I have a very special treat for all of you!!


  1. "...the appearance of the average college male devolves into that of a man-child only capable of fluorescent board shorts and plastic flip-flops" - LOL that's so true! I loved reading this post. Great job you guys!

  2. Cool post :)
    What you say about cologne is so true :p


  3. i love your blog!!

    follow me!

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  5. I LOVE Docs. I think it's just because they are ridiculously comfortable.

    I finally stopped wearing them in high school. I'd been teased for years about them. I just love how the masculine shape actually flatters feminine legs.

    This post is super useful for me! I'm helping a guy friend get this really nice girl and he's stuck in the scene/emo world. Military jackets are genius, because he can show his dark side without being juvenile.

    Also the rules of tie and shirt matching are really helpful for when I help him prepare for dressy date nights. ;D

    (Ohhhhh, typos...)

  6. i should send this post to my BF lol

  7. i dont like this style but your blog is so interesting.
    ciao from Milan
    Nicola freshONpr

  8. haha this is an awesome post. my brother needs to learn from this. :)

  9. LOVE this post!! After reading about women and decor all morning, it's fun to read about men. More please, more!

  10. i absolutely love this! he should have his own mens blog - my brother loves reading about men's fashion and would definitely be interested as well.

    great writer and amazing tips!


  11. I'm loving this post!! :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I actually didn't catch them on the Jimmy Fallon show, heard it was brilliant. Must youtube it!! :)SarahD

  12. Lovely post! I love it that it's something different, most blogs only post the womens collection! Love to see the mans fashion for the comming season!

  13. I actually really loved this post, there's something about menswear I love!

  14. I totally agree with this post. I'm a senior in college, and I can always tell when a group of guys walk past are freshmen by the cloud of disgusting axe they leave behind.

  15. Hahah, I love this post. For some reason, it just made me smile - scrolling down and nodding my head. YOU GO GURL.

    (My full grown pops could learn a tip or too from you. BUT SHH DON'T TELL HIM.)

  16. Definitely agree with the 'fluorescent board shorts and plastic flip-flop' comment. I have no idea why males (older than the age of twelve) would think such things are fashionably appropriate... well that and Ed Hardy tee shirts. It baffles me that people actually PAY for clothing that only belongs on douche lords like Jon Gosselin. Vomit.

  17. I love this article! I need to show it to my boyfriend haha

  18. Wow, fantastic post - as a girl I never tend to have much thought regarding the essentials for a guy.

  19. yes tailored shorts ALL THE WAY.

  20. such great advice! sending this to my brother immediately. alex, love your writing skills. hate you. love you. jeebus.

  21. LOVE this post!! Great blog girl x

  22. absolutely yes to cologne: d&g la force is incredible for day, and i swear boss bottled night, is the best thing to happen to men since women....

  23. Making sure my bf takes a hint from this posting. Love it!

  24. Nice to have a guest male blogger. Good tips for the average guy.

  25. Haha this is great! All very true. One of the great things about having a European boyfriend is that the long/baggy/cholo looking shorts never made it here.

    Glocal Girl


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