Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Lucca, Lotta Sandwich

Little Lucca Sandwich Shop and Deli 724 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA 94080

Last Friday, I had one of the best days off I've had in a long while. I should have known my day was going to be nothing short of awesome, when it started with a little lunch date with my coworker, and friend, Doug. He's a fellow foodie, so we both take pleasure in all things taste bud-worthy. We decided to stop by Little Lucca to fill up on some sandwiches. Little Lucca always has a line that extends out the door. You can bet you'll be waiting for at least 20 minutes, but please know that it is very much worth the wait. I went for my favorite Roasted Turkey and Cranberry combo on dutch crunch, while Doug ordered the Ultimate BLT Club.

Hi, Dougie!
Dougie's Ultimate BLT Club Sandwich on Dutch Crunch
My Smoked Turkey Cranberry Sandwich on Dutch Crunch
It took every fiber of my being to stop and snap this photo
 Let me just clarify that there is absolutely nothing little about Little Lucca's sandwiches; they do not skimp on any of the meat and bones, and one sandwich really is good for at least two meals. For less than $10 you will get a sandwich the size and weight of your forearm. Nope, Little Lucca does not play around. They make your sandwiches so mouth-wateringly delicious, that you want to slowly savor each and every bite, but also devour it as fast as you can because you just want more and more. I made sure to get my Turkey Cranberry with everything (except onions, yuck!), including their signature pesto garlic sauce. Now, I must warn you that no matter how many times you brush your teeth afterwards, or how many Altoids you pop, you will reek of garlic. But, don't let this stop you from having them lather that baby on. Your mouth and your tummy will be smiling for days after getting a taste of that special sauce. So, if you go to Lucca's on a date, I suggest you both order your sandwiches with the sauce, to insure that neither one of you will notice as the garlic seeps through your pores and fills the air.  After finishing half of our sandwiches, Doug and I headed to the movies to watch Fast Five and Bridesmaids. Has anyone seen either of these two movies? Fast Five was amazing and definitely solidified my unfaltering girlhood crush on Paul Walker. Those baby blues will make anyone's heart just melt. Bridesmaids was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard that I had tears rolling down my face at one point. All in all, it was a really good day. I am looking forward to many more food and movie combos in the future.

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  1. You make a great eating companion, movie buddy, and friend. Ciao!

  2. Yummy! I love sandwiches!! I've had Little Lucca bookmarked on Yelp for a while now... how does Little Lucca's compare to Ike's?

  3. yummy! now I know where I should go for lunch :)

  4. omg that loookkkkssss soooooooo good!!!!


  5. Your blog makes me fat ^_^

    p.s. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Oh my, that looks delicious. I want to try it. I get a similar sandwhich like that with the cranberry and I love it. I've seen Bridesmaid and it is hilarious. I'm doing post similar to yours. I hope to try out your local great places to eat. Have a great day.


  7. ooo i havent heard of this place but it looks amazing! i've been to ike's and they have some sort of garlicky spread they put on too that's amazing

    sandwiches are my go to hangover food...luckily a little gem vikings subs is right around the corner from me

    love your blog! following you now too & thanks for stopping by mine :)

  8. love the old fashioned soda bottles. And these sandwiches look great - thanks for sharing. I haven't seen Fast Five (and don't plan to) but I saw Bridesmaids and LOVED it. And though I have a few critiques here and there, it was so nice to see so many awesome female leads in a flick.

  9. You are making me so hungry with the last sandwich shot! OMG, it looks like a piece of heaven! xoxoxo

  10. It is SOO hard to take a picture of somehting instead of just diving into eating it. Lovely pics!


  11. Yum! Dutch crunch bread, represent haha.

    Jeanelle @ Glocal Girl

  12. You have my mouth watering! Glad to head you had a great time with your dad! :)

    <3 kris&kel

  13. wow this post made me really hungry!! Hope you have a great wknd doll! xo

  14. This look so delicious. You make me want to visit these places.

  15. These photos are making me SO hungry! I love a good sandwich :D

  16. i love me a good sandwich. dutch crunch is my faveeeeee bread! i'm actually en route to sf right now! i'm going to have this place to my 'try on' list on yelp. xx

  17. nyaamii!! love your bloog! visit me and say what you thin pleasee.
    thaanks beautiiful, i folloow youu of course


  18. that sandwich looks really delicious! love it!

  19. omgg your food posts always get me super super hungry. k, we needa make it a point to visit at least one of the places you posted about on your blog ;). lemme kno when ur free mostly free on the weekends or weds-fri. tweet/email me! <3

    <3, Kathleen.

  20. Wooow my mouth is literally watering, the only thing stopping me from making a sandwich right now is that it's 12 at night and frankly, i'm dieting ^^ probably high in calorie content too.
    The texture of the bread looks so delish and moist.
    and turkey is one of the best things to have on a sandwich. :)

  21. Ahhh these sandwiches look SOOO good. I hate you for always making me hungry!

  22. yummy, looks so tasty and what a pretty day!

  23. oh my god all this food looks delicious!

  24. it is almost lunch time and you make me hungry!!
    that pic of dougie is epic!
    i can't stop laughing


  25. UGH your foodie posts make me DROOOOOL! I swear! Everything looks SO YUMMMY YUMMY YUMMMY! Take me somewhere yummy and delicious please? ;)

  26. Yummmyy!!!


  27. that looks sooooo good
    Lydz xX


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