Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday

We attain freedom as we let go of whatever does not reflect our magnificence. A bird cannot fly high or far with a stone tied to its back. But release the impediment, and we are free to soar to unprecedented heights. --Alan Cohen

Tiiu Kuik by Camilla Akrans for The New York Times T Style Magazine Travel Summer 2009

I should start off by saying that in the past, I have been guilty of being afraid to fall, even before I have left the ground. When I was in high school, I was somehow sure I wouldn't get into some of the top schools I applied for. I remember bawling my eyes out when my father told me he only wanted me to apply to my top three choices, which also happened to be the top three schools most everyone in my high school applied to as well. In the end, I applied to maybe 11 schools, which in retrospect, was a huge waste of money. My mom and dad had no doubt that I'd get into my choice of colleges. Of course, in the end, they were right. Funny how our parents and grandparents just know things, eh? Almost five years later, and now, I'm recounting this story to you. So what's the point? Well, looking back, I had to wonder, what was it that gave me so little faith in myself? I knew I was capable of getting accepted into the college of my dreams. So, why was I so reluctant to believe in myself? Then, it hit me. Just like the little bird with rocks tied to its back, I had other little birdies chirping away at me telling me that my goals were just too unrealistic. Birds chirping that I should really settle for less than I deserved. Needless to say, those little birdies were quickly cut out of my life as soon as I opened by eyes and ears and stopped listening to their cacophonous songs. We just weren't singing the same song. 

So what does this have to do with today? Well, I noticed that I have been going through that same stage. Slightly afraid of what's to come, I have been hesitant to make moves and have let silly doubts get in the way of taking chances. But, why? As I was browsing though my daily reads, I stumbled upon the above quote and remembered that my wings are ready to soar to unprecedented heights, just as long as I let them. I just have to take that leap and fly. So, with the risk of sounding like Oprah, I tell you, let go of the doubts that are holding you back. This is probably the most preachy I will ever get on this blog, but, I thought you should know that your wings are ready to get some air, too.

That's my wisdom for this Wednesday. Don't be afraid to share yours with me below. If you enjoyed this post, don't forget to "like" pancakeSTACKER on Facebook!  


  1. très jolies photos, et j'aime beaucoup le modèle sur la photo 4

  2. oh my
    such a lovely piece you wrote!

    I know!! Mothers and fathers.. they DO know best!
    please have more confidence in yourself!
    if you don't? who will?

  3. Love the post and I truly needed this! I have been doubting myself and taking "safe" steps in life. It’s time to take a risk and see what happens! My mottos is "it never hurts to try"! Thanks for the wisdom!

    Vogue & Vintage

  4. lovely photos!! I really like your blog, i'm a big fan!

    xx Kelli

  5. Great post. Sometimes when I have a goal in mind that I really want to achieve I just don't share it with others. It's sad, really, because I used to love telling others of my dreams and then proving that I could attain them. These days, I've noticed, other people can be so negative I would just rather not share. Because the naysaying comments really CAN get into your head and almost "become" real. So rather than allow people to tell me all the reasons why I can't do something, I find that I often just keep my goals private and to myself.

  6. lovely pics! x

  7. Love these shots, thanks for sharing! The puff pink shorts are especially adorable!

  8. love the writing...definitely good peice of wisdom!!

  9. wow love these pictures! stop by my blog if you like

  10. Wonderfully put... always believe in yourself.

    Keep shining,

    Glocal Girl

  11. I love that quote! And you related it perfectly. And those photos are gorgeous :-)

  12. Hey dear! I'm sorry I've been MIA- Finals. But I'm glad I've returned in time for this post. Don't worry - Everyone is afraid at one point or another. It's part of life. I think you'd have to be either utterly, utterly vain and self-centered to never have doubted yourself at one point in time. I do agree that your wings are ready to soar, and you'll do amazing in life! Honestly, look what you did w/ your blog! You turned something you love: fashion and food, into an online outlet that everyone loves, and it has gotten you features & sponsorships, etc. Be proud :)

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  13. Agree with you. Plus the photos are lovely too.

  14. This editorial is amazing, beautiful setting!

    The Flower Girl

  15. Great photos!! Lusting your blog- following you :) check out our newly stocked wanderlust closet

  16. Wow, these pictures are amazing.

  17. Beautiful photos !



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