Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pancakeREVIEW: HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron

A few weeks ago, Brian at Misikko generously offered to send me a HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron to review. The timing was pretty perfect, as I was already searching for a new one to replace my previous hair straightener of four years. When I received my package in the mail, I was floored at how beautifully presented it was! A box filled with not just my new flat iron, but also some cute salon products. I tried it out for two+ weeks and below are a few of my findings! Keep in mind, I kept everything else exactly the same (hair products, routine, styling), so that I could give you all a through review :)


  • The first thing that stood out about my new HANA flat iron was that it had Ceramic and Tourmaline mirrored plates. Not only are mirrored plates pretty genius, but they also happen to be gentler on color treated hair and they provide an effortless shine. Since highlighting my hair, I've been very conscious of how I can do less damage.  I have been straightening my hair more often than not these days, so I was happy to find that my new flat iron would be a lot more forgiving. Even better, mirrored plates are easy to clean before and after each use, and believe me, if you want your flat iron to last long, you have to clean and protect the plates. My previous flat iron was definitely an amazing one, but one downside to it was that the coated ceramic plates were significantly harder to clean. 
  • The HANA Titanium flat iron has heat settings from 140 to 450 degrees! My naturally curly locks are insanely thick and swirly, haha, so being able to choose how hot I want my plates to be is a big plus. I have to heat my plates to 340 degrees (hot, I know) when I'm first straightening my hair, but I value that I can switch down to a lower degree when I'm doing touch ups or my dreaded bangs.
  • Among some of the goodies I received in my package was a Silicon Heat Proof Mat. This might not sound all that cool, but really it is. Setting down an oven-hot flat iron on some surfaces can really do some damage. Having a heat mat is such an easy fix, especially when you're like me and want to straighten your hair anywhere but the bathroom. It's the little things, I tell you...
  • I timed how long it took to straighten my hair each time, and in all honestly, it still took me about the same amount of time (an hour) to straighten my hair. I will say, though, the plates heat up fast and if you're hair isn't as thick as mine, you will be able to straighten your hair in no time at all. 
    • Some other things to note: The HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron has curved plates, which allows for straightening, curling, and flipping. It also has a two year warranty, so you know you're in good hands. Furthermore, the HANA flat iron has been featured in both Marie Claire and Redbook, so that's telling you it's something to rave about. 
    Overall, I'm very happy with my new flat iron and if you are in the market for a new one too, I definitely suggest scooting over to Hana Salon's site. Flat irons can be expensive, but I really think that it's important to look at it as an investment. You want the best for your hair, and like anything else, when you invest in a great product, you'll get great results. Big thanks to Brian at Misikko for allowing me to try out the HANA flat iron. I love mine, and if you decide to get one, I'm sure you'll love yours too. As always, feel free to comment below with any questions and I'll definitely try to answer them all! If any of you are interested in a hair-how-to post, let me know, and I will create one for you! 


    Disclosure: Please note that although I received the HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron for free, all the thoughts expressed above are my own honest opinions. 


    1. Wow this sounds like a great product! I need to try this out! Would love for you to check out my blog and enter my very special giveaway!


    2. I should've purchased this when it on sale on Hautelook a few weeks ago. Sadly, I wasn't sure if it would be worth it... seems like it would have been. :-\ Thanks for sharing your honest review.

    3. I think my flat iron needs to be replaced soon too.. Great review, will def look into HANA as an option :)

    4. I've been using the same flat iron, it rocks! This baby gets hot! I've melted a little piece of the carpet too because I wasn't careful enough :(


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