Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” -- Dr. Seuss

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I've very much taken to the philosophy that even though "every day may not be good, there's something good in every day." And, I find it so important to see the "something good" in every single day. I'll admit that things aren't always perfect. Life is hard and worries come my way. But, regardless of what isn't working, I still remember that they're working that way for a reason. My mom has always said that when something doesn't work out, to be patient; something better is on the way. If you close your eyes to all the bad, you'll shut out the lessons. If you only open your eyes to the good, you'll shut out appreciation. Open your eyes to every moment... but really open your eyes. This moment, right now, will never happen again. The same goes for all the ones that have passed and all the ones to come. Open your eyes so you can see each one. Really though, why would you want to miss out on life, the best thing of all? 

And that's my wisdom for this Wednesday. As always, feel free to leave me your words of wisdom down below. Also, I just wanted to say thanks so much to every single person who has tweeted me, sent an email, or left a comment on my blog. I've been a little busy with a few projects, but I do plan to get back to each one soon! :)


  1. Very Inspiring! I love it when you wrote "open your eyes....this moment...will never happen again." Soo true! I myself need to be remined of this everyday. Thank you for reminding me:) Have a great day!

    xx Marielley

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  3. that really is great advice, i just wish it wasn't always so hard to be patient!


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