Monday, August 19, 2013

You've Seen This Before, But Not Like This

pancakeSTACKER by Ryan Chua Outside Lands #lulusatOL

Alright, I swear I'm almost done posting photos of Outside Lands... but when your talented friend and photog hands you photos like this, how can you keep them to yourself? Shout out to Ryan Chua for finding me at the festival and snapping some quickies of me on Day 3. I know you've seen the outfit, but can a girl take a moment to talk about her hair? I haven't had a good hair day in a long time, so I am beyond thrilled that the one day I did, someone caught it on film. HOLLER. Just kidding you guys... but seriously.

pancakeSTACKER by Ryan Chua Outside Lands #lulusatOL
pancakeSTACKER by Ryan Chua Outside Lands #lulusatOL

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  1. Such cool photos! That beanie, bag and YES your hair are perfection! Too cute babes!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola


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