Tuesday, July 8, 2014

pancakeLEFTOVERS: June

You guys. It's July. We're halfway done with the year, which is bonkers, right? June was a splendid month - slower than May, which was quite alright with me, but still busy enough to keep me going. I had a handful of fun projects I got to work on, had more "me" time (which is always welcomed with open arms), and got to catch up with some great people. Looking to July, I'm excited to keep going; I have another handful of projects and am really excited for more good things to come. But, before we get ahead of ourselves and start chatting about this brand new month, let's slow it down and take a look at some of the sticky sweet moments that made June great. Without further ado, here's another helping of pancakeLEFTOVERS: June-style.

In June, I worked on a couple of collabs, one being with Target for their new C9 by Champion collection. Part of the collab was actually a boot camp, and I'm ashamed to admit, I sat on my butt and watched everyone else work out. To be fair, I made the rookie move of eating an insanely big brunch beforehand, so there was nothing I could do to save myself there. Luckily, blogger babes Britt and Whit were there to lounge around with me, so I didn't feel too terrible.
Last month, I also got a bit more intimate on the blog with my MeUndies and Chictopia collaboration. When I'm not showing y'all my casual 'fits, I'm usually stuffing my face. So, it was nice to change things up a bit, and show you guys a bit of me at home.

Speaking of keeping things intimate, I also got to try out the new True & Co. Uniform collection - another must-have for all the homebodies out there. Considering June was pleasantly slower in pace, I had plenty of time to lounge around and enjoy good 'ole quality me time. And what's a better way to enjoy "me" time than in comfy clothing, am I right? (Side note, should you want to try out True & Co., you can use this code to get $15 off your purchase of $50 or more!)

I also made it to my first Movie in the Park series, which was fantastic. We saw Ghostbusters at Dolores, and I managed to get myself a free popcorn (it's the little things, you guys). Only in San Francisco will you find yourself in a beanie, boots, a parka, with a blanket in tow, at the park in June. Only in San Francisco...

The best thing to experience in SF in June is street festival season. I've been to my fair share of festivals and street celebrations, Pride being one of my favorites to take part in. This time around, I took a break from the parade and enjoyed a festive, albeit quieter, time in the park. It was 70 and sunny, and happiness was all around. Of course, post-park festivities including a refreshing brew & some tasty macarons - my favorite :)
In between all the me time, I also managed to make it to a handful of events - The Tillamook Farmer's Market, where I stocked up on copious amounts of cheese and ice cream, Gilt City's night of pampering with La Marca (hello, champagne!), and Katie Dean's trunk show in the Mission. Oh, and one thing not pictured, but very much depicted in my video recap, above? WHAT. SO. NOT. I broke out of my grandma-ways and danced the night away at 1015 Folsom for What So Not's concert - basically the best part of June. Food, drinks, manis, music, bits and baubles all made for a well-rounded month, if I do say so myself.

So there you have it - just a couple of highlights from the month of June. July is shaping up to be pretty cool - I can't wait until leftovers time, to mash together another video for y'all!  

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