Friday, April 3, 2015

Food Friday: Chino SF

Chino SF 3198 Guerrero Street  2 / 5 Stacks pancakestacker blog x food friday x chino sf There are a couple things I'm all about in this life - buns and dumplings for sure two of 'em. I've spent the last three or four weekends in the mission. One of my new favorite things to do is spend part of my weekend reading my latest book in a cute cafe (this past week it was One Plus One by JoJo Moyes in Cafe Sophie, and the week before that I was at Four Barrel reading Moyes' The Girl You Left Behind).  So, on my way to my various cafes, I've often passed by Chino SF. For those who aren't familiar, Chino SF offers a modern take on classic Chinese cuisines. I'm often put off by "hip" restaurants offering modern renditions of classic meals, but, I am a sucker for a cute space and Chino SF has definitely got that down. Needless to say, they reeled me in with their paper lanterns, light strings, and hip, colorful interior. So was the outside as good as the offerings within?
pancakestacker blog x food friday x chino sf pancakestacker blog x food friday x chino sf I had high hopes. I did. I thought, how hard is it to make dumplings and boba? For the record, let me just say that I eat buns and/or dumplings at least one a week. No joke. One a week. Every tuesday, I grab a couple (okay like four, you guys) buns from Chairman Bao. On off days when I miss my Chairman Tuesdays, I grab to-go buns and dumplings from Yank Sing. So, you already know the bar has been set quite high. Therefore, shouldn't be a surprise when I tell you that Chino SF really lacked in all the key areas. First, the restaurant was practically empty. Not that it being empty was a bad sign, but having said that, I just want to really emphasize the fact that there were A LOT OF TABLES OPEN ALL OVER. Yet, our server decided to seat a ridiculously drunk couple RIGHT SMACK DAB next to us (undoubtedly to make her job easier). I'm pretty patient. But you know what I am not down for? Absurdly drunk people who spill their drinks all over and try to disrupt your personal meal by asking you questions and talking to you. Nope. Not okay. If that was any indication of what was to come, I guess you could say I should have known. pancakestacker blog x food friday x chino sf pancakestacker blog x food friday x chino sf The food - I was mildly disappointed that there weren't more dumpling options. We decided to order the XLB (because, like, you have to if you come here - I think it's what they are "known" for), an order of bao buns, and potstickers. I convinced myself that an order of their Orange Julius-inspired boozy boba was a good idea. As you can imagine, it was not. First off, nothing like an Orange Julius. But, it was like $12 ($12 for BOBA, you guys), so I had to drink it. Whomp. Second off, my boba was frozen. What's the point if it's frozen, am I right, or am I right? Bao buns came and they were okay - no competition to Chairman's, of course. XLB came and I did appreciate the fresh taste, but honestly, prefer the one's at Yank Sing. These almost always broke right before you could eat them. We probably waited about 20 minutes in between the dumplings and the potstickers. I don't know you guys, but it doesn't seem like potstickers should really take that long...but I'm not a chef, or anything, so... pancakestacker blog x food friday x chino sfpancakestacker blog x food friday x chino sf Would I come back? Probably not. (Insert monkey covering eyes emoji, here.) The place makes for a really good 'gram, so there's that.

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