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pancakeREVIEW: Shoes of Prey Custom-Designed Sandals

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Shoes of Prey #ShoesofPrey

About three weeks back, I was introduced to the Australian-based shoe retailer, Shoes of Prey. I had never heard of the brand before, but was intrigued when I found out they were launching shop at Nordstrom. I've always associated Nordstrom with great service and quality, so anything the brand partners on, I'm all ears.


For those who may not be familiar with the brand, Shoes of Prey allows you to custom create your own shoes - sandals, pumps, flats, booties, you name it, they can help you create it. From heel high to print and fabric, your perfect shoe is anything you can imagine. I am quite the indecisive critter, so sometimes having this many options overwhelms me. I was worried that this would be the case when I visited the shop, but I was pleasantly surprised with just how easy it was to create my perfect shoe.


When I visited the Shoes of Prey section in the women's shoe department, I immediately fell in love with the decor - they had huge flower stems with the petals made out of shoes (so cute!). To help aid in the shoe-making process, Shoes of Prey laid out color, print and fabric swatches all around. Snakeskin, leather, vegan leather, fish scale and more - the options were plentiful. They even had a wall full of shoe options to show examples of what you could create. Creating the actual shoe was a breeze - there shop has iPads to easily navigate the site and create a shoe. The whole process probably took me about 30 minutes - from figuring out what exactly I wanted to checking out.

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Shoes of Prey #ShoesofPrey

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Shoes of Prey #ShoesofPrey

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Shoes of Prey #ShoesofPrey

After three weeks, I received my shoes in the mail. I really appreciated that throughout the weeks, Shoes of Prey would send me a short email updating me on the status of my shoe. This is definitely the first time I've ever created a custom shoe, so I liked that they kept me in the loop, so it wasn't just some online limbo as I waited for my shoes to arrive. When I received my order, the packaging was just as thoughtful as the reminder emails. My custom order arrived in a beautiful black shoebox with a few goodies to spare - a photo of my sandals (to stick on my box, to make finding my shoes in my closet easy peasy), shoe inserts, and a dust bag for my shoe travels. I'm telling you guys - it's the little details that make a dent! My sandals were just as I pictured them, too. I haven't yet had a chance to wear them out, but I can't wait to take them for a well-deserved spin.
Thanks to Shoes of Prey for the lovely custom shoe-designing experience.

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