Saturday, April 4, 2015

Stacker Style: Boba Babe

pancakestacker blog x boba guys last weekend, i traveled quite a ways to get my hands on this boba. i wasn't feeling too hot, but decided not to waste my sunday in bed. i reasoned with myself that if i could just get out of bed and into a cafe, to keep up with my spend-part-of-each-weekend-reading-in-a-cafe routine (see, here) that i could treat myself with a matcha green tea latte boba from boba guys (as pictured above) and everything would be a-ok. it was a seemingly sunny day, so i put on my sunday's best (a really cute dress, very appropriate for sunshine), hopped on a bus and got to that cafe. as soon i got there, i knew i had made a mistake. it was freezing and all i had was a light jacket and my bare legs. i thought maybe after i settled in with my book and a cup of hot coffee, i'd be okay. after a couple of hours, i realized it wasn't happening. so, i packed up and made a long walk to get my boba. it wasn't  even on my way, in fact, the bus stop home was much closer, but i had my heart and mind set on boba. so i trekked on, for what felt like hours, but it was probably only 15 minutes, anddddd...the boba shop was closed. heartbreak city. i walked all the way back to the bus stop, made my way home and came down with a cold.
needless to say, these photos are not from last week. 
pancakestacker blog x boba guys pancakestacker blog x boba guyspancakestacker blog x boba guys pancakestacker blog x boba guys pancakestacker blog x boba guys random silk top tommy bahama silk saraong-style maxi skirt via twice | sandals via nordstrom | coach crossbody | see eyewear sunnies

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