Friday, March 4, 2016

Food Friday: The Keystone SF

The Keystone 68 4th Street
5 / 5 stacks

You've seen the snaps and the 'grams, but it's time to do this place justice with this week's edition of Food Friday. Say hello to my new favorite brunch spot in Union Square - The Keystone. Conveniently located just a walk away from the mall, this is your new go-to spot for charging up before hitting those shopping bags.

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This post is a long time coming, because I think I went to this brunch back in the tail end of 2015, but I couldn't miss out on sharing this deliciousness with you. So, better late than never? Alright, here we go. I was invited to dine at The Keystone to enjoy, none other than my favorite meal of the day - brunch. Thinking back to this meal, what I remember the most, was how perfectly The Keystone balances the sweets and the savories on their menu. As you know, I'm much more partial to the savories - I'll take an egg dish over a pancake for brunch any day. Luckily, on this day, I didn't have to choose. While you can't go wrong with anything you order, I'd have to say my stand out dishes include the Braised Short Rib and Potato Hash, Fried Ribs and Pickles, and the Southern Fried Chicken Benedict. 

The short rib hash is probably my favorite, favorite menu item from The Keystone. The short rib is braised to perfection - soft, tender, juicy and delicious. Mix that with some poached eggs (runny yolk, yes!) and soft potatoes and you've got a winner. But, then there's the fried chicken and curry coconut waffled - the best blend of sweet and savory! And then you add poached eggs to that (more runny yolk, double yes!) and now you have two home runs. And two home runs is great, but why not go for three and order the fried ribs and pickles. Aside from being a Stacker of pancakes, I am also a strong proponent of pickle stacks on sandwiches and in my mouth. So, you know how this dish went over with me. I love ribs - everyone loves ribs! You will enjoy these ribs. Add that fried okra and there you go. There's your third home run, guys.

So, where are you going to go the next time you're in Union Square and the lines are insane at the mall? The Keystone. Don't forget. 

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