Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stacker Style: Green Being

I don't know that I've loved a series of photos as much as these - they're so clean and effortless. I give mad props to JennyMay for that. For this look, I pieced together some old faves with some new ones. The draped jacket has been a nice addition to my closet - I must have about six green coats now, but when you like something, you like something. I paired it with a button up camo / leopard / spotted? print blouse I've had in my closet for years now and my favorite pants ever. (They're so comfy, you guys!) As for accessories, I recently received this leather backpack from J.Jill and I swear I get compliments on it, every time I wear it out. It's so classic - I can't wait until the leather softens and it has some wear to it. Added some sunnies and mules to finish off the look and voila!

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Draped Jacket c/o Tobi (more outwear, here!) |  Backpack c/o J.Jill| Cropped Denim | Sunnies | F21 Mules (super similar pair - on sale!)  

Photos by: JennyMay

Now that I've been getting more into my blogging again, it's been really fun connecting with my photog friends and rediscovering my inspiration. I've been focused on a lot of other things - the work grind, the love life, the personal life. So, as such, blogging sort of took a backseat. I told myself that blogging didn't mean as much to me, but after some time, I realized that it's been a great creative outlet for me, and I love creating content for you all. So, I slowly started to get back into it - a shoot here, a shoot there, and now I think I'm ready to keep it going. I've been working with new photographers and shooting with my pals again and it's been awesome letting each one's style inspire and teach me. That being said, if you'd like to collab together, don't be shy - shoot me and note and let's make some magic. 

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