Monday, February 13, 2017


Photos by: Julia O Test

Remember, how I said that I was hitting the gym like a crazy lady? If not, refresh your mem, here (or just peep my millions of Instagram story snaps praising my seemingly newfound love of the gym). As I mentioned in my last post, this year, I really wanted to carve out time for myself. Part of that "me" time meant moving my body & regaining my energy. In 2016, I spent a lot of time not working out, lol. On the contrary, I spent a lot of money to work out. Basically, I was giving away my money like a fool. Instead of hitting the gym, I'd hit up an event. Long story short, I was extremely inconsistent with my routine, and as a result, I ended up mentally beating myself up for being such a bad gym rat. So, once the new year hit, I couldn't have been more excited to reignite my love of working out.

Now, before you go thinking that I'm some weight-lifting, treadmill-running, machine-using kinda gal - I must tell you that I only do classes. I can Zumba for hours, vinyasa flow every day, and kickbox your heart out, but I'm not so great at all the other stuff. Really. I mean, once fell off a treadmill! (My boyfriend says I shouldn't tell people that, but hey, I did, so why hide it?) Don't get me wrong, I'd love to learn how to use some weights, and one day, I hope that I could love running enough to get back on a treadmill. But, for now, I am happy as a clam to just be back and working out.

For those of you who do, in fact, follow me on the 'gram, you for sure have seen my stories featuring the Bay Club. Late last year, I was invited to join the Bay Club as an ambassador for their gym. It was just the booty kick I needed to put my workout clothes back on! Since the new year, I've been going 4-5 times a week and can't get enough. Things that I love: there are a million of classes (from crossfit and Squash, to yoga and dance), there's a convenient shuttle that drops me off to the gym right across from my office, and there's a cafe upstairs where I can get pre or post workout smoothies! The Bay Club has everything - a basketball court, a pool, and even a spa for massages and facials. Talk about bliss. The only downer for me is that it is a little farther away from my apartment, so I find that I don't get to go much on the weekends. Other than that, I'm a full convert. In full transparency, my ambassadorship ends at the end of March, but I love it so much, that I will almost certainly become a full time member.

Thanks to the Bay Clubs for partnering with me & getting my butt back into shape. 

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