Monday, August 28, 2017

Stacker Style: Gym Bag Essentials

Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to to be my fittest self ever by 30. I've been a gym goer here and there, but never anything consistent. Ever since joining my new gym earlier this year, I've been keeping up my cadence of hitting the gym 3-4 days a week. It's been an awesome and motivating journey and I'm feeling optimistic about my hitting my goal. I'm still seven or so months away from hitting the big 3-0, so we'll see! After eight months of gym visits under my belt, I've got my routine down to a science. I don't let anything stand in the way of my gym visits (and I've gotten quite good at saying "no" to things, in favor of spending my time working out and filling up on endorphins!). I've also been treating myself with my favorite apparel (after hitting a fitness milestone) and stocking my bag with all of the essentials. I've found that all these little things (cute athletic wear and amazing products) help to make working out all that more fun. Curious to see what I keep in my gym bag? Read more after the jump!

Adidas Shoes, Sweaty Betty Leggings c/o, Athelta Top & Sports Bra 

Photos by: Kara Nixon

I'm not so great at washing my face before working out, so after my workouts, I need a really good and portable cleanser. On days where I've got heavier makeup (read: waterproof mascara, ha), I grab my ultimate favorite cleanser - Purlisse's Milk Cleanser. It's incredibly soothing, gentle and breaks down all my makeup like no other. On days where I'm rocking no makeup (hello, 7AM workout!) and don't need too harsh of a scrub, I reach for my H2O+ On The Move Cleansing Stick. It's gentle and foams without me having to get my hands all in it. I like it because it's a stick, meaning there's zero risk of product explosions in my bag.

I'm a fan of no-spill products, which can sometimes be hard to find. Cue, Pacific Shaving Co., a local SF-company who makes mini water-soluble shaving creams. They're zero waste and are literally perfect for the gym (or travel!). I use two minis per leg.

As much as I love going to the gym as frequently as I do, I have to make sure I give my body enough recovery time before my next session. I have weaker knees, so dancing and certain exercises really do a number on me. After taking a hot shower, I like to rub a little topical ointment on my knees to give them a little extra TLC. I'm currently really enjoying Saje Wellness's all-natural Pain Release. It provides a nice cooling and tingling feeling that helps to soothe my muscles.

Another post-shower ritual is lathering on a nice, hydrating cream. I absolutely love Josie Maran's Whipped Body Butters - they're light, airy, and intensely moisturizing. My favorite part is how scrumptious they all smell! (So good, you can skip the spritz of perfume!)

Now, for days that I skip washing my hair, only dry shampoo can save me. I like Sexy Hair's dry shampoo spray. It soaks up all my oil and sweat and leaves my hair smelling good. It's on the thicker side, so I only use this dry-poo when I know that I'll be washing my hair the next day.

Other essentials that I like to carry are headphones (because who can gym without the music, right?), a light, but warm sweatshirt or jacket, and extra hair ties (because those suckers always disappear!).

Do you guys have any gym bag essentials? Extra points to those who can share recommendations for awesome gym bags (I rotate between tote bags at the moment!) and eco-friendly water bottles that are easy to open during class.

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  1. I love my OG bag from Lo & Sons! :) Fav water bottle has got to be everything S'well <3


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