Monday, September 4, 2017

Stacker Style: Outside Lands 2017, Day 1

Outside Lands has come and gone, but my #OOTD photos live on, thus, I must share them. OSL was my first festival this year, which is slightly shocking for a festival gal like myself. What's even more shocking is that I only made it to two of the three days this year. This girl is getting old, ha. Luckily for me, I had no expectations, no agenda and was just there for the fun. I danced, I laughed, and, of course, I ate. This year, I was stoked to work with Rebecca Minkoff to showcase how us SF gals do festival fashion. After the jump, see how I styled my RM.

First thing's first. I am majorly bummed that more people didn't find my shirt as hilarious as I did! I am a huge Bob Ross fanatic (his shows are so soothing, guys!) and I found this one in Austin last year, when I was there attending ACL. In case you're not quite sure what to make of it - It's Bob & Rick Ross! See? Hilarious! Anyways, I decided to keep my day one 'fit casual - flannel, jeans, comfy sneaks, and a pop of color, thanks to Rebecca Minkoff. The thing about festivals is you've got to pack well. You can't bring too much; it's all about the essentials. For me, the essentials consist of: a camera, a portable phone charger, snacks, hand sanitizer, extra napkins, sunnies, and, newly added, an extra pair of contacts. (I've had my contacts pop out of my eyes two years in a row now, after someone has accidentally bumped into my eye!) My RM Camera Bag kept all that and more! It kept its shape, made it easy for me to access my things, and was the perfect statement piece. Functional and fashionable.

Shop my outfit, below:

Check back in a few to see my OOTD from day two!

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