Friday, September 15, 2017

Food Friday: Santa Clara's New Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar 2762 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA‎

Late last month, I had the pleasure of attending a restaurant opening for Santa Clara's latest hotspot - Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. I've been to many a steakhouse in my day, and I know that you have been, too. So, what makes Fleming's stand out in a sea of steaks? Well, for one, their wines. Fleming's boasts an impressive 100 wines, specially curated, featuring esteemed vintages and local favorites. The fact that these wines rotate each year makes the quest to taste each even more enticing - can one really drink them all? I don't know, but I am willing to find out. But what's wine without the perfect pairing, right? At Fleming's you can have it all - surf and turf. And, if you know me, you know that I love a good cut of meat, as much as a I love a good selection of seafood. Like most steakhouses, Fleming's also offers a delicious array of sides to accompany your main course - mushroom, potatoes, spicy mac and cheese and greens. Why pick, if you don't have to? So long as you still have room for dessert. And trust me, you'll want dessert. So, now that you've got the overview, let's hear about my night, shall we?

Upon entering Fleming's we were welcome with a sea of shells. I couldn't resist grabbing a couple of crab claws, along with oysters and some shrimp cocktail. I washed each of my sea friends down with a glass of bubbly and couldn't wait for the main event. But, before we were seated, I got my wish - the opportunity to taste as many of the 100 wines as I so desired! Sadly, I only made it to three wines before it was time to get seated for dinner. (Probably for the best, if we're being honest.) I was pretty amazed with the selection - there is literally something for everyone. Whether you're a reds gal, like myself, a whites, or a bubbly - you can find something you like. And, if you don't like wine, or aren't in the mood, there's a full cocktail bar to craft you up something more to you're liking.

When it was time to get seated, I couldn't contain my excitement. I rarely make red meat at home, so I love ordering steak out. There were a few cuts to choose from - strip, filet mignon, and rib-eye. I tend to like my meats a little fatty, so I went with the rib-eye, which was seasoned to perfection (and the size of my face!). I also tried the fillet mignon, which was smooth and equally as delicious. I tried all of the sides, but the mac and cheese was my favorite. It had a nice kick to each bite, which I happened to really like. I purposely only ate half of my steak, because I wanted to save room for dessert. I had a bite of each, but the carrot cake was a showstopper. I find that carrot cakes are rarely on the menu for dessert, so I was happily surprised to see it and even happier that it was so good.

All in all, my experience at Fleming's was great. I don't find myself in the South Bay too often, but now I've got a reason to make another trip back! 
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