Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Stacker Style: Power Pants

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Or so the saying goes. When I think about my life and my career, I honestly can't tell you where I'll be in five years. For all intents and purposes though, I like to think that it will all work out. My career path to date has been less than straight, but it's always worked out (even with all the bumps, potholes and detours!). Sure, there have been times where I've been at a stop sign for a little longer than planned, or even had to back up, before moving forward. Nevertheless, I've always believed that I'm where I'm supposed to be, until I'm supposed to be somewhere else.

Jigsaw London Pants & Grana Silk Top

Photos by: Melissa de Mata

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I'm in a funny time in my life. Can't explain exactly why - maybe it's that I'm almost 30 and I'm starting to realize that some real shit is about to happen in the next 5 to 10 years. It's at this point where I've started thinking more about saving up for my first home (basically a fantasy for those of us who live in SF, lol), and really, truly, thinking about my career ambitions and whether or not I am meeting my true potential. Deep, I know.

I recently read this article about women nearing or at 30, feeling unfilled with their careers and wanting something more. I've talked to many a friend in the last year and a common theme among those my age or older (who are working for the man & not for themselves) is that they do feel a little burnt out and unfulfilled. Kinda crappy, huh? So, why is that?

In the age of social media, it's hard to want to believe that. We see pretty photos of the avocado toast that's costing us the downpayment to our first home, or friends filling their homes with flowers and wine and cheese, and we think, "what a nice life." Each "like" perpetuating the cyclical behavior of compare and contrast. I do my best not to compare my life with others' because I know our stories and paths are so different. Of course, I'd be flat out lying to you if I said that there weren't days that I got down on myself because I felt like I'm behind or not as successful as others. But then, I do my best to snap out of it and remind myself of what a queen I am (see exhibit a, here), and how fortunate I am to have the life I do.

Anyways, for anyone out there who may be in the same boat (female, or not; 30, or not), know you're not alone. It's easy to look the the highlight reel that is social media and think that we're all living some wonderfully fulfilling and fantastic lives - and you know what, some of us very well may be, but that doesn't mean everything is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Some days, I dream about blogging full time, creating content, telling great stories, and working for myself. Other days, I dream about being a boss babe who leads a team/client/company, etc. to success. I'm not there yet, but I know I will be. Until then, you can find me in these here power pants GSD. 

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  1. UGH, SO GOOD. These words speak to me. Thank you friend. Also,I have always been one to say "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have" ;)

    xx carlina


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