Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sure Could Go For You

With seven days left until I take the US by storm, I've been trying to get the nuts and bolts of effective packing down. Truth be told, I'm afraid that my California closet just isn't going to do the trick when faced against multiple climates. Packing for Seattle's rain, Boston's cold winds, New York's sticky humidity, and a chance encounter of hot, hot heat in DC (thank you, weather channel) all in just two carry-on's makes the task that much harder. Cutting down my wardrobe choices, while saving room for all the goodies I'm planning to pick up en route, forces me to only bring the bones of amazing outfits, leaving me to find the meat along the way. Let it be known that I've never been a girl afraid of an outfit challenge, so I'm going  to use what I've got and only purchase the bare necessities. Below are a few items that would be a great addition to what I already have.  Aesthetic pleasure + practical use =  a winning combination.

During a long day of touring and sight-seeing, a light bag, with enough room to carry the essentials (camera, wallet, water, snacks, etc), is of the utmost importance. The only thing I hate more than having to carry a heavy bag, is carrying a heavy bag that's unorganized. A soft leather-like backpack will evenly distribute weight when in use and is easy to squash into my luggage when empty. Forever 21's Leatherette Backpack looks easy to care for and seems like it will stand against a little drizzle.

While I'd like to look like I've stepped out of an episode of Sex and the City as I'm walking around in New York in my sky-high heels, after spending hours on foot, in long walking tours, I will probably just look out of my mind.  (Not to mention how much my feet will hate me if I don't treat them right.) Thus, a comfortable flat is a must. A classic flat can be both relaxing on the feet and easy on the eyes. I turn to Steve Madden when it comes to stylish flats. The Sofiee's royal blue color will give any of my basic outfits a surprise pop of color, while the slightly pointed toe and one inch wedged-heel will flatter my narrow feet.

While it's important to have a good day bag, I'll end up looking like a grandma pack-rat if I lug around a backpack when I go out for happy hour and drinks. A feminine clutch or small shoulder bag is my go-to for nights out on the town. The scallop-edged trim on this pretty, pink bag is not only a great detail, but a hint of what's in for the fall. (Mark my words, you'll be seeing a lot of scallop-trim everything, so you, too, should think of  stocking up now!)

When packing for weather that can change from hot to cold and dry to wet in the span of a day, it's a smart move to be ready for the unforeseeable. Jackets and coats take up a lot of space, so having just one that can go from night to day saves a lot of luggage space. I plan on packing at most two outerwear pieces, so I have to make them both count. I already have three classic pea coats hanging in my closet that I need to choose from, but I could definitely go for a light jacket. This Diesel jacket in black with a detachable hood is a versatile choice and like its description says, "it's an ideal item for keeping warm and looking great." 

Now, I might be using this trip as an excuse to feed my shoe craving, but I do find great value in owning a killer pair of boots. When I'm not gallivanting in flats or strutting in heels, a sturdy boot is my next option. For the rain in Oregon and the cold in Boston, having a tall, leather boot is perfect over a pair of skinnies or leggings. If the weather is nice out, these Frye leather boots would even look great with a nice pair of shorts, or a boho dress. These knee-highs are sure to be a city-stopper, and judging by the tall boot trend on the runways, I'll get lots of use out of them in the fall, which means they'll be worth the investment.

And finally, nothing completes an vacation outfit like a quality book. A book? Yes, a book. As some of you may know, I'm an English Literature nerd at heart. I love books and go through them like some go through water. Now that my UCLA days are over (I still shed a tear from time to time thinking that, ha! Okay, not really...), books that I wouldn't normally pick out for myself are no longer just assigned to me. Who knew that I'd be pining for a decent syllabus long after my undergraduate days were over? Since I can't bring too many, I'm looking for just one to get me through my down time. I've been browsing the Borders site, and by the end of next week, I will have my top pick. Any one read any of the above?

If you think I'm missing something, or can suggest an enthralling book you finished and are dying to recommend, please leave a comment below and let me know! Still time to enter my contest, so do so before the 15th!

Have a happy weekend :) And, I promise to get back to my regular outfit posts as soon as my trip planning is settled!
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