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Brush With Fashion: The Body Shop San Francisco

The Body Shop Brush with Fashion Makeup
A couple Wednesdays ago, I was invited to preview some of The Body Shop's new products, as well as their upcoming makeup line, Brush with Fashion, at their downtown San Francisco location. I had a great time learning about some of the new lines, hearing about a few of the issues the brand stands for, trying out amazing makeup and beauty products, and getting a fresh new beauty makeover, which was perfect for Spring! Below you'll find a few of the pictures I snapped from the event, along with some of the background information I learned that afternoon. 

Limited Edition Collection for Eyes -- $24/ea 
Each one of these portable eye collections contains four complementary eye colors, a mini eye definer, a mini eye shadow brush, and an integrated mirror. There are two palettes to choose from. The first, Boho Beauty, contains matte shades in nude, apricot, and browns, while the second, A La Mode (pictured above), contains a pearlized white, pink, silver and a matte black. 

Fittingly titled, "Brush with Fashion," this limited-edition collection features items all with built-in, cruelty-free made brushes. For ladies who are on the go, this is your line. No need to waste time, just apply and dazzle! The artwork for this line was selected from a student competition from the London College of Fashion. The winning artwork was created by 21-year old, Katarina Voloder, a fashion illustration undergraduate. 
Limited Edition Tailored Cheek Tint in 01: Hot Pink -- $15.50/ea
Let's just take a minute to talk about this tailored cheek tint. You are probably wondering, what that whole "tailored" business is all about. This clear gel magically transforms into a rosy glow upon contact with your cheeks and then tailors itself to your skin. If you are skeptical, don't be. I was so in awe, I purchased one for myself! I cannot get over how cute my cheeks look now. I've used this every time I've done my makeup, since purchasing it, and my cheeks have never had such a beautiful, sun-kissed glimmer to them. Definitely go out and buy this one before it's gone! 

The Body Shop Shower Gels for Earth Lovers -- $12/ea
These new shower gels are 100% biodegradable, meaning once they hit your drains, they're a-ok for Mother Earth. Even better, they're all made with Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera, along with a blend of herb and fruit extracts. 

Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream -- $7/ea
Another reason to truly love and support The Body Shop is for their dedication in the rights of others. The Soft Hands, Kind Heart line and the "Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People" campaign brings awareness to The Body Shop's commitment to stopping sex trafficking of children and young people. Did you know that every year more than 1.2 million children and young people are trafficked around the world and become victims of sexual exploitation and abuse? And, no, this doesn't just happen in foreign lands. This also happens right here, in the United States. Sex trafficking is now the third-largest and fastest-growing criminal industry in the world after illegal drugs and arms trafficking. You can help support the end of sex trafficking by purchasing The Soft Hand, Kind Heart Hand Cream, in which $5 from every hand cream goes to the campaign to stopping this terrible issue. If you want to help right now, visit The Body Shop's website, by clicking here, and sign The Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People Petition.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze
I got a sneak peek of The Body Shop's new Honey Bronze line, and let me tell you, I was impressed. Each item from this line contains a little hint of honey! But don't worry, this line only uses Community Fair Trade honey and beeswax from traditional hives, which continue to flourish today. I tried some of the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil (picture above) and was so surprised with how light-weight and smooth it felt. The dry finish left my skin with a beautiful bronzed glow. What else would you expect? 

And above is my headshot, post-make-over. I have to admit that I'm used to dramatic eyes, with dark shadows and bold lips. So, it was a nice change to wear a softer look. Perfect for the Spring, no? My makeup artist, Wendee, was such a gem. She gave me great time-saving make up application tips, and walked me  through her beauty make-over process. So, what do you guys think?? Oh, and for those of you wondering what I wore to the event, stay tuned -- my outfit post will be up later this week! :) If anyone has any questions about any of the products above, any makeup or beauty queries, or just general questions about The Body Shop, please feel free to ask away below, or email me, and I'll try my best to get your questions answered!

P.S. -- Would any of you beautiful bloggers be interested in trying out one of the new products mentioned above? Let me know what you'd like to try in the comments below, and if there is enough interest, I might be able to work my magic and get a little giveaway for you... 

A big thank you to The Body Shop for the invite! 

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