Friday, May 13, 2011

Good good good good vibrations.

Just some shots from last week's Cinco de Mayo celebration. Pretty sure no one else's Cinco de Mayo could even come close to how fun mine was (unless, of course, you were fiesta-ing it up with me). After work, I spent my night under the stars with some tacos, drinks, s'mores, laughs, all surrounding by some pretty great people and an abundance of good vibrations. I do have one confession, however, and this might be shocking to all of you, especially considering what a foodie I am, but this was my first s'more experience... ever. Yeah. I know. My friends were shocked too. Overall, it was such a lovely and relaxing evening. I love simple nights that just come together, don't you?

Gym Class Heroes -- Good Vibrations (Cover)

P.S. -- You all know that Blogger was down alllll day yesterday, which means I lost all the wonderful comments you guys left on my last post. Terrible, Blogger, TERRIBLE. Anyways, I'm cooking up a very delicious giveaway for you all, so make sure you come back soon, and "like" pancakeSTACKER on Facebook!

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