Monday, May 16, 2011

In Your Eyes I See The Eyes of Somebody I Knew Before, Long Ago

Denim shorts, necklace, and rings: Forever 21; Plaid button up: Ezekiel via Nordstrom (Men's dept); Fedora: Nordstrom; White tee: H&M; Photos by: Me via me new tripod

Miike Snow - Animal (Fred Falke Remix)

Snapped up these photos last week when the sun was still out and about. I rarely wear jeans. Truth be told, I rarely wear pants. The exception to my jean rule: jean shorts. I have been searching for a good pair of distressed denim for some time now. Came close twice, but ended up returning both pairs. Found this pair at Forever 21 and fell in love. When you have a little bit more junk in the trunk, it's nice to find a pair of bottoms that have a nice stretch. I got this plaid button up a long while back in the Men's department at Nordstrom. I'm no stranger when it comes to shopping with the big boys, especially because I find so much of their stuff to be so cute and Chanda-friendly. Funny thing is, my coworker has this exact plaid shirt. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyways), I wear it ten times better than he does. I'm crossing my fingers that, one day, we both wear it to work at the same time, and then we can be twinsies! I'll be sure to let you know how that one goes.

In other news, I am sad to report that I missed Bay to Breakers...again. This is the first time in five years that I have even been close to being able make it, seeing as how I spent the last four studying away in LA. I had the day off work,  made plans with friends, and I was really looking forward to going, despite the reports of some ominous storm looming, but alas, it looks as though I will have to wait  again until next year to attend. I got in a car accident Saturday afternoon while I was on my way to work, when someone decided to ram into the back of my car, leaving my whole backside smashed. Not only did the car crash ruin my car, my plans to attend B2B, and my whole weekend (and upcoming week(s), I'm sure), but I've had to stay in bed all day because of my sore body. (Speaking of staying in, anyone want to suggest some quality movies on instant play Netflix? I'm running out of movies!) While I was undoubtedly very shaken from the incident, I'm just extremely grateful that I wasn't seriously injured. So, for all of you drivers out there, please, please be careful! One second changes everything.

(Oh and just so I don't end on a depressing note (ha!), I have an extra yummy stack cooking up for you. Make sure you check back in a few, so you don't miss out!) 

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