Monday, June 20, 2011

One of These Mornings You're Gonna Rise, Rise Up Singing...

Last Wednesday it was 70 degrees out and I had the day off. It was the perfect recipe for a blogger meet up. KathleenCindy, and I had been trying to coordinate a day to meet up and dine out for some time. After a series of internet exchanges, we finally set the time and place, and the rest is history! We spent the afternoon chowing down at Blue Barn Gourmet on Chestnut Street, walking up and down the hills of the Marina district in search of a shopper's paradise, satisfying our sweet tooth cravings with cupcakes from That Takes The Cake on Union Street, and we finished off the day with a photo shoot (duh!). 

The Clubber Sandwich -- The best club sandwich I have ever had the pleasure of devouring.
You probably think the four of us shared these, right? Nope. These are all mine (insert shocked look here). But to be fair, Cindy got her own half dozen too!
Little man, Cody loved the cupcakes!
Maxi dress worn as a skirt & Belt: Forever 21; Tank: Nordstrom; Necklace: Thank You Mart; Shoes: Nine West; Photos of me by: Kathleen; All other photos by: Chandamheer

Janis Joplin - Summertime  

All in all, it was a wonderful summer day. I am so happy I got to meet up with these beautiful ladies (and little man, Cody) because they are even sweeter in person than they are on their blogs. Looking forward to many more meet ups with these ladies, and with all of you Bay Area lovers too! Don't be shy, send me an email or tweet if you'd like to grab a bite to eat, or just want to say hello :)

...You're gonna spread your wings, Child, and take, take to the sky, Lord, the sky.
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