Friday, August 16, 2013

Food Friday: Domo Sushi

Domo Sushi 511 Laguna Street 
pancakeSTACKER Food Friday Domo Sushi

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Hayes Valley is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco. It's quaint, charming, and full of character. Along with the delightful atmosphere and plentiful boutiques, there also happens to be a plethora of restaurants for the curious foodie. Whether you're there just to sit down and enjoy a cup of joe or perhaps a cocktail or two, Hayes Valley is your spot. After spending the afternoon in a cafe getting in some quality blogging time, I popped into Domo Sushi for some small bites (just enough to satisfy my lingering sushi cravings). I kept it simple with your standard sashimi, miso and a couple of rolls. First up with the Sake Nigiri - fresh (which is a must) and the perfect starter. (As a side note, my favorite place to grab Sake Nigiri is Warakubune in the Castro, but we'll save that for a future Food Friday.) Domo's nigiri wasn't as melt in your mouth fresh as Warakubune, but to be honest, not many places are. Considering that, it still hit the spot.

As for the rolls, I tried the Spicy Hulk and Fiesta rolls. The Spicy Hulk was a nice change from your standard sushi wrapped in rice - the cucumber shell gave the roll a nice crunch and helped to balance out the spicy tuna. The Fiesta was equally as pleasing with a nice little kick -- the salsa and mango blended into a nice flavor but overpowered the tuna just a bit. Overall, the sushi was delicious, fresh, and just right for a small bite. Can't say it cracked my top slots for sushi spots in San Francisco, but definitely still worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood.

pancakeSTACKER Food Friday Domo Sushi
pancakeSTACKER Food Friday Domo Sushi

Spicy Hulk Roll: Spicy tuna and avocado, tobiko wrapped in a cucumber sheet with ponzu

pancakeSTACKER Food Friday Domo Sushi
Fiesta Roll: Albacore tuna, mango & cilantro with black pepper salsa

pancakeSTACKER Food Friday Domo Sushi
Sake and Hamachi Nigiri 

pancakeSTACKER Food Friday Domo Sushi

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  1. Sushi is my all time favorite! This place looks great!


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