Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Festival Footwear with Restricted Shoes + GIVEAWAY!

WooHoo! It's my favorite time of the year - you know what it is. Festival season! I'm a festival girl at heart - the music, the food, the atmosphere, the overall joy of dancing with zero inhibitions - it's all my favorite. I've gone to a my fair share of festivals -  Outside Lands, Treasure Island, Austin City Limits, BottleRock - but there's nothing like the one that kicks off the season, my dear, Coachella. This year, I'm partnering with Restricted for another round of my take on festive footwear and all-day dancing shoes. You may remember we worked together for Coachella (here) and Outside Lands (here), so I'm super stoked to head to another festival with them! I'm obviously a big proponent of comfortable, but fashionable footwear, and if it matters anywhere, it matters at a music festival. You're on your feet for hours on end, dancing, walking, running, you name it, so it's important to keep your feet happy - especially if you want to make it for a full three-day stint! Read more to see what I've picked out to keep my feet company this time around, to learn about my Coachella plans and how you can see live updates from the festival, anddd, to find out how you can find a gift card to Restricted! 

The Flat

If there's anything you must take with you to a festival, it's a comfortable pair of flats. Mine come in the form of sandals. Many people will tell you never to wear an open-toed shoe to a festival. I say go for it. I've festival'd for at least five years and I'm a big proponent of keeping your feet free. You do risk the occasional foot stomping and spill, but don't let momentary displeasure keep you from doing your thing. My pick is Restricted's "On The Dot" - comes in black, white and tan!

The Boot

A strong, durable, comfortable boot is your best friend at any music festival. I'm more partial to boots when the weather is colder (think Treasure Island or Outside Lands), but an ankle bootie isn't as "confining" as you'd think for the warmer weather fests. I like boots because they protect your feet and when you're tired from a day or two of walking around, a cushioned sock and sole is a nice relief. My pick is Restricted's "So Fine," which comes in the color above, as well as black.

The Sandal 

Alright, I know what you're thinking - "Didn't we just do sandals," or maybe you're thinking, "A heel?!" Hear me out, guys. Coachella isn't just about the festival, there are parties, too! Remember this one, or this one? So, while I wouldn't necessarily wear a heeled shoe to a whole day at the festival, I always like to have a nice option for the parties. This year's pick is Restricted's "Kissy" - the perfect blend of fringe and fun.


Okay, you made it this far, so let's reward ya, yeah? I'm giving away a $25 gift card to put towards your Restricted pick. To enter, simply comment on my Instagram post announcing our partnership and follow the instructions on the post. We'll pick a winner and announce on both my account and Restricted's account once the festival is over, so you have plenty of time to enter! Plus, use the code COACHELLA2016 for 25% off full priced purchases! 

I'm at Coachella all weekend long, so follow me for an Instagram takeover of Restricted's channel to see what I'm up to and follow me on Snapchat to see video and photos from each day! 

Special thanks to Restricted Footwear for sponsoring this post and to all of you guys for supporting my blog and allowing me to share fun parts of my life like this with you! 

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  1. amazing shoes, especially the sandals <3

    xoxo Sienna


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