Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blogger's Block

Hey, we've always, always been honest with one another, right? So, how about we clear the air? My name is Chanda and I have Blogger's Block. Blogger's block - it's a real thing, I'm sure of it. You may have noticed that since Coachella, I've been on a bit of a blogging break. Call it blogger fatigue (hey, I've been at this for almost six years, you guys!), or what have you, but it's real and it's been hitting me hard.

In the time that I've been away, I've been busy bee-ing it up in real life - attending events (which I'm so very grateful to be invited to), hanging out with friends (and NOT 'gramming about it - kinda sorta real hard for a chronic social media-er), listening to Drake's new album (#views), and just taking a general breather for myself (only child syndrome embraces the "me" time real hard). But, because this little space on the internet means so much to me, not a day has gone by in which I haven't thought about it.

And because I think about it (and you), I'm here trying to mend my ways. I may post less often that I used to, but I'm still very, very grateful for all of you who still poke around every now and then to see what I'm up to. So, with that, here's my attempt at filling you in on the last month.

After returning from Coachella and my mini trip down to SoCal (more on both of those later!), I headed straight to the new Dior Boutique in Santa Clara for a little glam time. Never have I ever felt more compelled to selfie in my life - hey, when your makeup is on point / fleek (whatever the kids are saying these days), ain't NO shame in yo selfie game. I'll be sharing a Beauty Bite this week, so you guys can marvel at the beauty that is the new Dior store.

That same weekend, I made it back down to the South Bay for the Who What Wear #BossNotes event featuring some inspiring mamas. I showed up wearing the below and quickly realized that 1) San Francisco has made me the most casual basic b there is (drats, you guys) and 2) when you show up looking super casual, red lipstick is your savior (thank you, Mac matte lipstick for always having my back). Nonetheless, special thanks to Coach for hosting the event before the panel. If the boss ladies' collective wisdom wasn't enough to inspire, gosh darn, their amazing outfits sure were.

Not one to miss out on #FUNLUNCH (or just food, in general), I gladly previewed Gaspar's new all-day menu and broke free of my first time frogger status. Frog legs, do in fact, kind of taste like chicken. Is that just the default for everyone's taste buds when we're not really sure what we're eating? Chew on that.

I stopped by the Goop Pop-Up Shop and was enamored by the aesthetics. Y'all may not all have a soft spot for Gwynnie, but girl knows how to curate. Lo and behold, the Goop shop is just what you think - a beautiful assortment of the most lavish items to fill your home with. Not sure that I would be one to pay for a $300 tassel (because I live in San Francisco and can barely afford my life as is), but hey, to each their own.

And because my world revolves around food, of course I made it to another food event. I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of LA's beloved Lemonade. In fact, it's the only Lemonade I gave any mind to in the last few weeks (sorry Beyhive, please don't hate me). Was the lemonade up to par? Did I really go to a healthy eating establishment to load up on sweets? Stay tuned for an upcoming Food Friday stack to find out.

Finally, last week, I was treated to this magical view of San Francisco. I have a mild obsession with sunsets and this was just one of the ones I couldn't help but take a million photos of. Seriously, if you look at my camera roll, you'd be really impressed with how I managed to take the same photo 232092039 times. Thanks, H20+ for the sweet, cotton-candy view and the preview of your revamped line! (Again, more on that soon...)

So, things to come? A Coachella recap is in the works (better late than never?), some outfit posts that are in my safe keeping (thanks, JennyMay!), a LOT of Beauty Bites to snack on (glam, baby, glam), and, of course, some Food Friday posts to feast on. Hopefully today's preview stack has filled the void a bit, and you're ready to nom on some tall, tall stacks in the days to come. Luh you all.  

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