Friday, May 13, 2016

Food Friday: Gaspar Brasserie

Gaspar Brasserie 185 Sutter Street

Earlier this month, I was treated to a weekday fun lunch at Gaspar Brasserie. It's not often that I make it to a sit-down lunch during the week (that work life, you know?). But every now and then, be it a special occasion or event, I get to sneak out and enjoy some sit-down noms. This was one of those times.

Earlier this year, Gaspar welcomed both a new all-day menu and Chef, Adam Nichol and to its team. Having experienced the menu first-hand, let me tell you, it's good. Chef Adam sought to feature a diverse selection of authentic French dishes - I haven't been to France, but I'm convinced what I tasted was a good starting point in my exploration of French cuisine.

The Gaspar team pretty much spoiled us. We started with two different salads - mixed greens and roasted beet. I preferred the roasted beet salad, myself, because I found it to be more flavorful. When we started to get the appetizers, things started to get real. Crispy frog legs? Yeah, we had that. Charred octopus? Had that, too. Bone marrow?? Oh yeah. If you make your way to Gaspar and have a tough time choosing between the three, just get them all. Your stomach will thank you later.

Unfortunately, I had to skedaddle before the trying any of the mains and dessert (nooooo), but did manage to grab a handful of fries on my way out. I'm not much of a fry girl, but man, those were good, too. While I'm sad I had to miss out on the last two courses, I'm looking on the bright side. That is, I get to go back and make my way through the menu again.

Special thanks to the Gaspar team for having me and treating me to your new all-day menu! 

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